Natalie James

Sarah Cook

Natalie James & Sarah Cook bring 13 years of combined event planning and professional organizing services to Pie Collective, LLC. They would be happy to help you in a number of the areas listed below:

Pie Coordinators and Organizers can work with you to develop a plan for any sort of area you would like to tackle, and provide hands on guidance and execution.


Wedding Planning & Coordination

Birthday or Anniversary Celebrations (for all ages)

Graduation Celebrations

Open Houses

Baby Showers

Children’s Parties (of all kinds!)

Formal Dinner Parties

Company Functions & Socials

Personal Functions & Socials

Community Socials & Events

Professional Organizing

Home Stagings

Office (Home or Business) Organization

Personal Room Reorganizations

Moving Coordination & Organization

Personal Organization Coaching

Time Management Coaching

Weekly or Monthly Meal Plan Development

Budget Organization


Client Testimonials

“Words can not describe how thankful I am that Abe and I used Sarah as our Wedding Coordinator for our March Wedding. She was so detailed, organized, and supportive through all the many steps of our wedding. Sarah gave great honest ideas for the big day, helped with wedding invites (including taking care of the RSVPs),  oversaw that all wedding decor was in place correctly the day before, was there for the wedding rehearsal by patiently making sure all parties knew their expectations, was early for the big day to see that all parts (and people!) were ready for the Big day, including organizing the people who were in the wedding & at the reception. She even made sure that the little tealight candles were lit in our welcome entrance of the wedding  Overall, she made sure that everything Abe and I wanted to happen on our big day happened effortlessly. Not only was she great with making sure our day happened like it was suppose to; but also, was a wonderful support to our families. I heard back from much of my family how great she was with them.  We were able to truly experience and enjoy our day because of Sarah being  our Wedding Coordinator. Sarah made our special day lovely, enjoyable, and a day Abe and I remember fondly.”

-Jen and Abe Varghese

“I have known Sarah Cook for several years now and have always been impressed by her.   When she organizes a special event, she has such an eye for detail and timing, I am always assured things will run smoothly.  Even beyond what I would think necessary, she is able to anticipate and take care of any issues even before they would arise.  Where some event planners may seem stressed or concerned, her delightful disposition and smile always brings a joy and peace to any event.  She is a treasure and I highly recommend her!”

-Jennifer Quinn

“Prior to Natalie James, my office space did not have the organization that I needed in order to accomplish the many tasks that I have.  After my consultation with Natalie James, I felt she was more than equipped for the job.  She brings years of experience and knowledge to her projects.  Natalie also exemplifies order and structure in her work ethic:

*she is punctual

*she communicates through out the project until it is finished

*she is conscience of your time

*she is full of resources and ideas

The flow of my office space is exactly how I need it.  Everything is strategically and purposefully placed and organized.

Thanks to Natalie, each area of my space is functional and allows me to complete tasks in a more efficient way”

-Darchelle Ross

Local Business Owner, State College, PA

"Natalie assisted me in my wedding and planning and execution. She was amazing. She had every "I" dotted and every "T" crossed. She kept a detailed log of wedding day happenings and made sure everything stayed on track. When things did go wrong (like they do on any wedding day), she handled it before I ever knew that there was an issue. Because of her skills and professionalism, I was able to enjoy my wedding day without stress or worry. I would highly recommend Natalie's organizational services to anyone planning an event or revamping a space. She's a creative genius with excellent attention to detail!"

Lisa, Charlotte, NC